Thursday, July 7, 2011

DIY Ring Charm Tutorial

For this project I chose to use 20 gauge gold colored jewelry wire. I wrapped which finger I wanted to wear the ring on so I could get the size right. Then I wrapped some wire in place to secure the size.

Then I kept wrapping til I thought the band was thick enough, at that point I wrapped the wire through the center to secure the band.

Next, I cut the wire off the ring and made my charm. I made a 'J' for obvious reasons, but you could do a bow or a heart or some beads. Whatever you'd like really. I hammered my J to secure the shape and sharps ends, plus, I like that it looks a little flat.

Lastly I used a jump ring to connect the two together. I really like the look of this ring a lot. Turned out better than I thought and the project was really easy, under an hour, including stopping every 10sec to take a picture. Good Luck!

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