Sunday, November 13, 2011

DIY Baby Crinkle Toy with Yarn Hair

So Im going to a baby shower this week, and really wanted
to make something, to go along with the gifts I got.
I thought an adorable crinkle horse would be perfect and easy.
Well, it wasnt easy when I started, but it should be for you, 
with this fabulous tutorial.

I chose to use baby snuggle flannel.
Because that was the cutest pattern I had laying around.
 For the horse shape, start by drawing 2 shapes like
the letter P. And make sure they go opposite
ways like the picture above .

I then chose this bright yellow button for the eye. 
I thought it went really well with the bright turquoise 
polka dots, and I stitched it on with black thread in
and X shape.
I only put the eye on one side of the horse.
So if you do that, decide if you want the horse facing
to the right or to the left.
I chose the right.

Next I cut up about 40 strips of yarn, in 1-2 inches
of length. But you could use anything really.
Ribbon would be super cute too.

Then I laid out the way I wanted my yarn.
To have your yarn "pop" out of the seam, you
MUST sew it onto the right side of the fabric,
with the long pieces on the inside, as so. 
Be careful to NOT let the yarn over extend all the way
across the body of the horse, because you 
will be sewing that down, and your 
yarn will get stuck sewn across.
In the picture above the left side will be 
where your seam is, so you want the smallest amount of 
yarn overlapping the edge there.

And I found this trick online.
Hold it in place with a piece of tape.
This helps your yarn from shifting all around
as you run it through the sewing machine.

This is what your sewn down yarn will look like.

Then place your other "P" on top
and sew RIGHT sides together.

Make sure that when you sew the right sides 
together that this stitch line is on the inside 
of where you stitched the yarn down, or those 
stitches will show up on the outside of your horse.

Once you have sewn right sides together you will need to 
turn it inside out, to do that you should find a dowel to push
the fabric out of the little corners. I used a paintbrush.

Next insert your batting and "crinkle" paper
or a bell would be a good idea too.
I just didnt want it too noisy.

To be honest I used the packaging from this 
frozen food bag, and rinsed it off...
but a Doritos bag or something like that would work well
too. Anything noisy really. 
And wondering if it was safe for babies, 
I decided yes. 
I mean, they package our food in it right?

And that's it! 
Now you have an adorable, and
easy, home made baby toy!

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  1. Brilliant! I'll give this a go!

  2. SO darling!! Would LOVE it if you would link these up at my turquoise lovin' party going on right now!!

  3. thanks so much everyone! it was tricky at first, but super cute once I finished.
    xoxo janean


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