Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DIY Pocket Watch & Corked Vial Necklace

I have kinda been coveting these 
corked vial necklaces lately.
What better to  pair them with than
a pocket watch?

This project is super simple and 
Dont get tricked into spending
lots of dough on etsy.
Let me break it down for ya.

Tiny corked vials.
Found at Michaels.
(ps, those are my shells)
I think theyre five bucks.
With my Joanns 40% OFF
coupon, (accepted at Michaels) 
they were like $3. 

You can buy a pack of these
straight pins for like 2-3 dollars
at Michaels as well. 
Theres like 50 per pack.
That makes 1 of these realllllllly 

You will cut it short
and add it your chain
using needle nose pliers.

Then just stab the end of the pin
into the center of the cork top.
(as highlighted)
This should stay put as long as you dont
have children pulling it off.
If it becomes a problem, you could
always put a little bend in the end.

I found this pocket watch on
for (again) $3. 
Plus free shipping.
I told you it was cheap.

I collected some tiny seashells 
from the beach.

But really, you could add 

Tiny feathers.


This necklace cost me what?
Like five dollars? 
And it was super fast and 
easy to do,

Hope I inspired you!

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