Monday, January 16, 2012

Today I Am Grateful

Last night I came across this blog.

I could only read it for a little while.
 It was just too heartbreaking. 

Long story short, its about a young mom 
who's child was diagnosed with a skin disorder
at birth, that causes lots of blistering on
this sweet babies skin.
Her baby passed away this last week.
In her arms.
He was given less than a year to live
and lived to be 2yrs and 8months.
Her story and strength is amazing.
Reading her blog brought tears of
sadness for her loss, and joy to mine,
that my babies are happy and healthy.
That our lives might not be perfect, and
sometimes my kids might test my patience,
but I thought to myself, that this poor mom
would give everything she has to have her
patience tested by a healthy baby.
It made me think that I need to be more loving
kind and patient with my kids. 
To cherish
every mess, every dirty diaper, every cry or scream
 every colored on or poop smeared surface, 
every day.
These are experiences that make life what it is,
stories to share forever.
And not every mom gets to experience them. 
So with that being said, let us pray for this
sweet woman in her time of need and all other
people out there who are suffering, 
and let us
be grateful.
I encourage you all to post on your blog,
what crazy thing your kid has done that you
are grateful for.
Here are some things I am grateful for. 

Laptop keys, ripped off and lost.

Couch cushions deconstructed.

Makeup found.

Found poop, and toilet paper on the carpet.
I couldn't be mad. 
He tried to clean it up.

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  1. Hi Janean! Thank you so much for visiting me and leaving such a sweet comment! I came across the very same blog last night too...such a sad story...really heartbreaking! Angie xo


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