Friday, May 18, 2012

Flash Back Friday: The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years.
These are some things I wonder about that time in my life...

I wonder why Dr. Maarten shoes were so popular. Looking back they were so ugly, extremely clunking and not to mention, pricey.
I wonder why Crest Whitestrips were not invented til my adolescent years were almost over. That coulda saved all of us. Everyones teeth were so yellow. But no one knew any better, which made it kinda ok I guess.
I wonder who in the world let you do your bangs like that? Those are not cool. And those layers... Ugh. Horrendous.
I wonder why white lipgloss was EVER "in" and why no one told me to invest in some blush...
I wonder why the perm you had in 8th grade (to which I apologize for ever doing that you) turned your hair so red. That is what you get for going to a beauty school. Oh the Horror.
I wonder why there were no good spray tanning salons around. You are white my friend and dont fair well in the beds.. or "laying out."

And lastly here is a little letter to my freshly teen self

Dear Freshly Teen Self,
Dont worry. Life will get better. No one likes Junior High and everyone in the world feels your pain for kids your age. Im sorry that the fashion trends of the early 2000s were so ugly and youtube didnt exist. Although, consider yourself lucky that Myspace and Facebook didnt exist yet. Kids your age already have enough stress without adding those to the mix. Work hard in High school, but dont stress yourself out. Enjoy these next few years as much as you can. They will be over too soon. And real life isnt easier than your life now. Just a new set of opportunities to grow. Dont be so concerned with boys. What a waste. Ha. Just make good friends, boys and girls, for now.

Ps. you do not want a boyfriend. As much as you think you do. You dont. Focus on yourself.
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